LLM Drivers – Ways to help with cost of tires!

2007 Quaker State LtdThe LLM drivers have come up with other ways to help off set the cost of tires .

We have added an additional sponsor for the LLM race nights over and over the main sponsor.  The cost to sponsor the night would be $700.  The sponsor will receive two signs, one will be posted on the front stretch in front of the fans and the other on the spotter stands in the pits.  These signs will remain posted for the season.  The remaining funds will purchase 4 LLM tires. Each night prior to the LLM feature all LLM car numbers will be in a hat.  Four lucky numbers will be drawn to win one tire each. To qualify for the draw the driver must be a registered and make one lap in the feature .

We have had great response already with sponsors at this time we are up to 5 sponsors.  So we ask all Sauble Speedway LLM drivers to see if we can fill all the LLM race nights with sponsors!