Sauble Speedway Competitors Release

Registration and Pit Pad Forms: for all classes are on Sauble Speedways web site ( please get these in A.S.A.P. We are trying to get our ‘ducks in a row’ and that is very hard to do when we don’t know who is coming to race, so I ask you get it done please.

NASCAR Classes please get your licence application filled out for driver and crew and send it to NASCAR a.s.a.p. The first year in NASCAR takes a lot longer to process because everything has to be imputed manually as apposed to a renewal. If you do not have your licence application Please Contact Brittney via email or by calling her and she will get them to you. ( – 519-375-2871)

• Any NASCAR team going to Sunset Speedway early will need to have your Sauble NASCAR licence completed.

Please Remember all crew members actively working on a car in a NASCAR Division will need a NASCAR licence this will be Strictly Enforced 1st offence a Warning, 2nd offence 50 points and $100 fine, 3rd offence loss of points and money for complete night, the fourth offence I don’t even want to go there I think you can guess where that will lead too. All fines and penalties will be the responsibility of the driver not the crew member. We have made a deal with NASCAR on this that we will enforce it and this way we can keep the pits as one, instead of making a NASCAR side with members only and another general side that is not my idea of fun. I do understand if one of your kids is cleaning the car for his dad or mom that is not what the above is about it is about someone physically working on the car as a crew member. We ask you for your support on this it is the best we can do without a pit road hopefully we can have one of those soon and it will make it a lot easier. Please believe me when I say I do not want to be the guy that 849 Sauble Falls PKWY South Bruce Peninsula, ON. N0H-2T0 messes up your night over something stupid we as racers can do that all on our own we don’t need help.

Bone Stocks and JR Late Models some have registered in both classes but we are not flooded with paper work so if you or if you know of anyone who is going to register please pass the messages on to get their stuff in we are working on sponsors for both classes and would like to able to give them a close number of cars ASAP.


Bone Stock and JR Late you will receive your memberships at the back gate on opening day June 9th

All classes will be allowed a substitute driver three times over the year on regular nights the points and payout will be given to the primary driver, the same driver must be used in all three events and be approved by a Sauble Speedway Official one day prior to event. (Exception an emergence) NASCAR classes no points will be added to primary drivers total with a substitute driver in National or Provincial points only NASCAR Home Track points and Sauble Speedway points.

Tires will be available Between April 10th and 15th, just waiting on confirmation from Hoosier and American racer.

Mini Stocks we need to know your Rim Sizes by April 6th it will help us in ordering please email me

Points System will stay the same for Late Models 1st 50, 2nd 48, 3rd 47 and a subtraction of 1 point per spot down to 24th, 26 points per feature. Cars drawing a number and making attempt to practice or race will receive a minimum of 50 points for total night. All other classes will run a double heat format. Points will be 1st 5, 2nd 4, 3rd 3, 4th 2, 5th 1 from sixth back no points. In the case of single heat only points will double. Features will be as follows 1st 90 2nd 87 3rd 86 and a subtraction of one point down to last car, cars drawing a number and making attempt to practice or race will receive a minimum of 50 points for total night. I hope this helps a bit with some updates we will keep you informed as much as possible.

Thank You
Mark Dilley/Paul Gresel