Volunteers NEEDED!

volunteers-needed-colorRacing season is upon us and there are a bunch of changes in the works.  We
have a list of jobs that need to be accomplished.  This is a fantastic
facility for families, friends and fans to meet each week and enjoy a
competitive sport.  To keep this facility a great spot to go, we need  lots
of volunteers with their expertise to come in and help get these jobs done.

List of jobs and person in charge of that job:
1.  Renovations to both sets of washrooms – Jason Parker 519-270-2894
2.  Fenced in compound and tech area       – Marvin Freiburger
3.  Moving, removing wheels & paint tire trailer – Dan Wright.
4.  Building new spotters stand.        –  Squid.  519-371-3159
5.  New tech and concrete pad.        – Duane Stade. 519-374-5745
6.  Design shirts and sponsor signs   – Tyler W.  519-477-0102
7.  Repaint lines on pit line up area.  – Dan Wright.   519-371-1314
8.  Electrical outlets and updates.     – Jason Parker.  519-270-2894
9.  Paint wall, impound pads (tech area).- Tyler W.   519-477-0102
10.  Number pit pads.              – Tyler W.   519-477-0102

We appreciate all your support as this makes our home track a special place
to go!